Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Jan 10, 2014 by

Baby, It's Cold Outside...

Baby, It’s Cold Outside…

Baby, it’s cold outside–time for inside fun with the Butler, aye? Lagavulin by the fire with a handsome Scotsman–sounds like the perfect way to enjoy a chilly weekend.


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Happy Birthday to You, Gerard Butler!

Nov 13, 2013 by

Gerard Butler Turns 44

Gerard Butler Turns 44

You might not think a Scottish butler would be the dream date of women(and men, too)around the world, but you would be wrong. Six foot two, with eyes of blue(with a bit grey/green)Gerard James Butler, often dubbed “The Butler” or “THE Butler”, is a handsome Scottish actor whose roguish charm, quirky sense of humor and fabulous face and body set many a heart a-flutter–and that’s BEFORE you hear his bewitching accent. Our birthday boy turns 44 today, November 13, and like a great single malt whisky, he just gets better with age.


There are beaucoup fan pages, blogs and websites devoted to Gerard Butler that you can access with a simple name search, but here a few fun facts about our hot Scot:

~he was born and raised in Scotland, but his heritage is Irish

~he was Head Boy at his high school and went on to study law at the University of Glasgow

~he was fired from his apprentice legal position one week before qualifying as a lawyer; this ignominious end to his budding legal career spurred him to pursue his acting dreams. We owe a debt of gratitude to the Edinburgh law firm which gave Gerry the boot. Lawyers aren’t always bad.

~His film debut was as Archie Brown, the younger brother of Billy Connolly’s character in Mrs. Brown (1997). He developed hypothermia after filming a scene where he and Billy run naked into the cold North Sea.

~ he has a cute little pug named Lolita

~he prefers to be called Gerry because many people, especially Americans, pronounce his name wrong. It is pronounced “chair-ERRD”, not “jer-ARD”.

~he spent an average of four hours a day training in a gym for over four months to get those bounce-a-quarter-off-me abs he flaunts as King Leonidas in “300”(2006)

~he sings all but fourteen of his lines in “The Phantom of the Opera”(2004)

~he hates iced tea–I think it’s because he’s never had my SOUTHERN ice tea. That’s right–we say “ice” tea, not “iced” tea down here in Georgia. Drop by any time, Ger, and I’ll fix you a glass.

~he loves America and Americans, but will always consider himself Scottish:

“I’m Scottish through and through. I would never want to be anything other than Scottish. But I love this country and it’s given me great opportunity. I love everything it stands for and I love American people. Since they made Braveheart, I kind of have to be an American to be a badass. They’ve covered most Scottish badasses.” Parade magazine, March 24, 2013

Well, Gerry, the love is mutual, I’m sure–and we don’t want you to ever stop being our favorite hot Scot, lad.


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