Whisky Wednesday With The Butler

Feb 26, 2014 by

Wednesday is a good day to try a dram or two of a new whisky or whiskey, depending on your preference.   You won’t appear as desperate as you might on a Monday night (the week has barely begun), and you’ll have more time to properly savor the taste results than you would on a Friday night (TGIF–just gimme a bottle!).  While you’re at it, you may as well invite a friend over to share in your Celtic heritage appreciation event…but which whisky will make the cut?



Personally, I love single malts, preferably with peaty smokiness, paired with a hint of sweetness.   I’ve read reviews of the newest release from Highland Park,  Scotland’s northernmost single malt distillery, and it may be a good match for me.   Distilled in an area that was once a Norse stronghold in Viking Age Scotland, HP’s new 15 year old whisky is named after Freya, the Norse goddess of love, and is said to taste of lush fruitiness and smoky earthiness, closing with a spicy finish.

Sounds like the perfect uisge beatha to share with my favorite Scottish Butler.

Not sure which whisk(e)y you should try?   I recommend consulting  Whisky For Everyone , a wonderful blog for all whisky lovers, whether you’re just starting to appreciate this much-loved elixir of the Celts or you’re a long-time whisky drinker–they always have a list of the latest whisky releases.

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The Celt and the Whisky Glass

Jan 20, 2014 by

Is the whisky glass half full or half empty? From the Celtic perspective, you are not asking the right question.


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Sean Connery–Aging Like a Fine Whisky

Dec 6, 2013 by

Sir Sean Connery

Sir Sean Connery and his wife, Micheline Roquebrune  They have been married since 1975.

Sir Thomas Sean Connery, born August 25,

1930, is a Celtic man who has aged like a fine

single malt whisky–the passage of time has

just made him all the more exceptional.

Sean Connery and Scotch Whisky: The Gold Standards of Scotland

Sean Connery and Scotch Whisky: The Gold Standards of Scotland

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Good Man or Good Single Malt?

Oct 27, 2013 by


or maybe one leads to the other…stay positive, my friends.

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