The Romantic Men of Wales

May 3, 2014 by

Are Welsh men the most romantic guys in the world? 

Whether it’s an imaginative proposal or a special video message for the bride, Welsh men seem to enjoy putting their all into romantic gestures.  I’ll let you decide for yourself  if the Welsh rank #1 in passionate gestures after you watch these charming videos created by men of Wales for their sweethearts.


Cariad is Welsh for Love From Mathew Hayes at  Welsh Word of the Day

Cariad is Welsh for Love
From Mathew Hayes at Welsh Word of the Day



The diners at The Cosy Club in Cardiff, Wales, got a big surprise when Mark Fury staged a flashmob serenade for his girlfriend, Naomi, as a precursor to his marriage proposal. He hired Sing & Inspire’s Llamau choir to perform a couple of upbeat love songs, then popped the question to a stunned Naomi. She said yes. Read more of their story HERE.



As a special treat for his new bride, Ceri, Steve created a video tribute starring some of her favorite showbiz and sports stars, including handsome Welsh rugger Sam Warburton, Scottish actor Kevin McKidd from Grey’s Anatomy (speaking with his Scottish accent, not the American one!), comedian Jonathan Ross and more.  Read their story HERE.



Go big or go home is the order of the day for this Welsh skydiver’s proposal!





Using words of faith and love from the Bible, Welshman Nathan proposes to his American girlfriend, Maegan, atop Margam Mountain, near Port Talbot, Wales. The ruins they are standing in are the remains of Hen Eglwys, a medieval church. Read the story HERE.



This isn’t a wedding proposal video, but it does feature a romantic Welshman, who is still going strong today. Don’t know too many Celtic women who’d turn down a kiss from Tom Jones.

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