The KILTED Hottie of the Day: Glasgow’s David McCourt

Apr 2, 2014 by


David McCourt, Glaswegian model, photographer and film maker, scores the hat trick

with beard, tattoos AND KILT!
His tartan is modern Crawford, by the way.

I’m also giving him bonus points for supporting independence for Scotland:

“I sincerely hope my Scottish countrymen and women take a stand against London rule this year by voting Yes.

We are a strong nation with so much to offer the entire world (on top of what we have given already). Time to act bravely with conviction and be our own nation.”

You can find more of David’s photos and film work on his Facebook page HERE

and his Twitter page HERE.

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Celtic Women and Kilt Inspections, Part One

Feb 19, 2014 by


No woman understands and appreciates a man in a kilt more than the CELTIC woman.

  Just like the Canadian Mounties, whatever it takes, we will ALWAYS get our kilted man…




In the Victorian era, Celtic women were not averse to using their archery skills to slow elusive kilties….



It isn’t bragging if what you say is TRUE.


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Valentine’s Day KILTED Eye Candy

Feb 3, 2014 by


Looking for an alternative to the same old Valentine’s Day gift of candy? Try some kilted eye candy!  Our 2014 Kilted Up calendar is loaded with kilted guys, and a portion of the proceeds goes to support the Wounded Warrior Project, so you’re actually giving two gifts.  Plus, we’re sharing the love by taking 14% off your total at check out!

Mr March: Kilted Celtic Hottie and Irish Wolfhounds

Mr March: Kilted Celtic Hottie and Irish Wolfhounds

As our March calendar model, Tim, clearly shows–KILTED eye candy is the BEST kind of candy to give a special someone.

Click HERE to order the 2014 KILTED UP calendar, just $14.99 at–the perfect gift for a special someone, friends (especially ones who’ve never seen a kiltie!) or family.

SALE!! Take 14% off your total purchase by using code AMOR14 at checkout!

Support our Wounded Warriors AND show off your Scottish heritage by proudly displaying our Men in Kilts calendar!

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