Perusing Celtic Magazines

Jun 15, 2014 by

Much information about the Celtic countries is online these days, but I still enjoy having a Celtic-themed magazine to display on the coffee table for friends and families to peruse.  Those glossy mags are a good way to spark interest in my favorite topic, all things Celtic.   I can’t always convince friends to read a book about the Celts or a Celtic country, but they are usually happy to flip through a copy of the latest Irish America or Scottish Life, for example, while having a coffee or lounging at the pool.

Celtic magazine subscriptions make good gifts, also, especially for someone who is planning a trip to one of the Celtic countries or thinking about researching their family ancestry–most magazines are available now either in print form, online or both.  Additionally, after everyone has read the current issues,  the mags get a second life when I donate them to the local senior center.  Many senior citizens, like my mom, either don’t feel confident looking up information on the internet, or have vision problems that make it difficult for them to read on a computer monitor, thus browsing through a colorful magazine is a wonderful solution for them.

There are all kinds of magazines that touch on Celtic themes, so I thought I’d share a few of my favorites for you to consider.  I’ve included a link to Amazon for each one, which will have rates and reviews, and remember–you can also read your subscription online, if you prefer.


Started in 1985, Irish America is a popular magazine that covers topics relevant to the Irish in North America including a range of political, economic, social, and cultural themes–one of my favorites. Click HERE for subscription  and reviews.

Scottish Life is a lovely magazine with loads of photos and tips about Scotland, her history and culture. Click HERE.


The Cornish Banner (An Baner Kernewek) is Cornwall’s longest running cultural magazine, and deals with contemporary events in Cornwall as well as  articles on its history, culture and the arts by the land’s leading writers. Amazon doesn’t have an image, but the magazine is available for purchase HERE.


Welsh Country is a lovely magazine chock full of stories about Welsh history, contemporary life, food, travel, art, music and more.  Click HERE.


History Scotland is more scholarly in content, but fascinating to read, especially if you love Scottish history and archaeology–well worth the price, in my opinion.  Click HERE.



Another scholarly magazine, Archaeology Ireland contains articles on recent research and excavations profiles of famous sites, with photos and maps for illustration.  A great mag if you want to explore ancient Irish sites that are off the beaten tourist path.  Click HERE.

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