Cooling Down The Hielan Coos

Jul 2, 2014 by

Despite popular belief, it’s possible to have a sunny day in the Scottish Highlands that heats up the area too much.

When that happens, you’ll need need to cool down your hairy  Hielan coos at the local beach. No sunscreen necessary, though.

Highland cattle at Oldshoremore: Image Source

Highland cattle at Oldshoremore beach in Sutherland     Image Source: Scotland on Facebook

Oldshoremore ( Àisir Mòr in Scots Gaelic) is a small, remote crofting village in Sutherland, one of the northernmost areas in the Scottish Highlands. The name Sutherland comes from the Norse, Suðrland (“southern land”), and dates from the time of Norse rule in the Highlands by the jarl of Orkney. The Norse called it “Southern land”  in relation to Orkney and Caithness, which are even further north.

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