Sam Heughan Is Anglo Fan Man of 2014

Dec 6, 2014 by

It’s now official–Sam Heughan is America’s favorite British man.   BBC America’s Anglophenia blog just held their fourth annual Anglo Fan Favorite Men’s tourney and Sam Heughan won kilts down over fellow Scotsman, David Tennant.



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America successfully drove out the mighty British army more than two hundred years ago, but we can’t seem to resist those sexy Scottish men who reach our shores via films and television.

For example, when someone mentions James Bond, your first thought likely is of Sean Connery, the Scotsman who made that role come alive — Connery IS Bond.  Now, everyone’s favorite book boyfriend, 18th century Highland warrior James Fraser from Outlander, has been brought to life by Scottish actor Sam Heughan, and we must say:

we like him, we really, REALLY like him!


Sam-heughan-as-Jamie Fraser

Sam Heughan as James Fraser in Starz’ hit show, Outlander-image via Starz


With 32 contestants and more than three million votes cast, Sam Heughan ultimately defeated his closest rival, David Tennant, by a whopping 61% to 39%.    That is no small feat by relative newcomer Heughan in light of Tennant’s huge fan following from Doctor Who and Broadchurch.  Click HERE to read fan comments about the agony of being forced to choose between Sam Heughan and David Tennant:

“David Tennant is a stellar actor. But Sam IS Jamie. Can’t we have them both?”

Here’s a brief thank you from Sam Heughan–on location in Scotland– to all the fans whose votes propelled him to victory:


While Droughtlander will continue until April 4, 2015 (when the second half of Season One continues), Starz kind of feels our pain. On the fourth of each month until April, Starz will release a bit of previously unseen footage from the first 8 episodes.  Here is the most recent tidbit:


More videos are available on Youtube,  and the full 8 episodes can be seen on Starz On Demand.

To truly understand why fans are so passionate about Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser, first read Diana Gabaldon’s books, starting with Outlander, then watch (or re-watch) the tv episodes.   You can then make your own decision as to whether Sam Heughan has earned his title as Anglo Fan Favorite of the Year for 2014.

I vote AYE.

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