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Outlander returns tonight–are ye ready?

Outlander returns to Starz

Season Two has Claire and Jamie Fraser journeying to Paris. They will engage in a desperate game of espionage and diplomacy in order to stop the 1745 Jacobite Rising.

Their goal is change history and save the Scottish Highlands from the brutal changes Claire knows will be imposed after the Scottish loss at Culloden.

One thing I need to clarify:  Outlander returns tonight, but not always to Scotland.

Unlike the first season, season two is not filmed mostly in Scotland. The exterior scenes and Paris scenes are filmed in Prague( a bee-you-tiful city), other spots in Europe, and even the south of England.  The scenery will still be spectacular, just not the beauty of Scotland.

I’ve seen Episode 1 of Season Two –no spoilers here, but I will make a comment below** that might be a tiny spoiler– and can say I’m looking forward to more Jamie.
And the French costumes–they are going to be glorious this season!

Outlander returns for Season Two-- with spectacular costumes

Outlander returns for Season Two– with spectacular costumes

Here is the official trailer for Season Two:

**I’ve come to realize that I need to give up my hope that the script of Outlander will stay true to the books.

Now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Viewed as a separate entity, the series does well in uncharted/unwritten territory.  One glaring exception that still miffs me is the changed design of Claire’s wedding ring-THAT was une grande faux pas!

This new season is going to have loads of “deviations” from the Outlandish world readers know and love.

In fact, in the behind-the-scenes segment at the end of Episode 1, Ron Moore talks about changing one scene at the suggestion of a Sony exec.

C’est la réalisation de films, mes amies.

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