Outer Hebrides Teenagers: Life Out Here

Nov 20, 2016 by

Life in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides, also known as the Western Isles,  is both harsh and beautiful. Outer Hebrides teenagers learn early on that their island life is unique.

Steeped in Celtic and Viking culture, the Outer Hebrides has lost population over the years.  Villages run the gamut from tiny to small, with typical teenage nightlife and adventures far away on the Mainland.

So, what makes an Outer Hebrides teenager, born and raised on the islands, want to stay?

French photographer Laetitia Vancon set out to answer this question about life in the Outer Hebrides.  She came away with some compelling images and a deeper understanding of what island life is all about.

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FRENCH Photographer Laetitia Vancon tries to find out how isles’ youngsters reach their decision to stay at home to seek a new life on the mainland.

Source: Island life on Outer Hebrides captured in snapper’s candid peek at ordinary lives on Scotland’s fringe – Daily Record





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