Happy Birthday, Gerard Butler!

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Happy Birthday, Gerard Butler!

Handsome Scottish actor Gerard Butler was born this day, November 13, 1969, in Paisley, Scotland to a Catholic family of Irish descent. Although he graduated from law school, Gerard went on to choose a career in acting, for which we should all be truly thankful.

We can do without another lawyer, but not having The Butler to gaze upon would indeed be a tragedy.


Want to say Happy Birthday, Gerard Butler in Gàidhlig?

“Co là breith sona dhut” is Scots Gaelic for “Happy Birthday to you”.
Roughly, it’s pronounced KO-la brey sunna ghoot.
I was too lazy to look up the Scots Gaelic for “Gerard”,  but I think it’s Gearóid, or pretty close to that.

A short video to show why Gerard Butler takes our breath away:

Fancy yourself a Gerard Butler expert?

Ah, but did you know that Gerry was beaten to the Top Scot Of The Year award in 2009 by… Susan Boyle?

Click HERE to take the Gerard Butler Birthday Quiz.


Aye, I’ll take a slice, Ger.


Wishing you a most Happy 45th Birthday, Gerry–we love ringing for The Butler, ye ken.


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