A Breath-taking Scottish Highlander

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The Scottish Highlander has at last married his Sassenach lass in Starz’ cable series Outlander.

Episode 7 of the first season, aptly entitled “The Wedding” has come and gone, leaving Outlander fans eager for the mid-season finale.  While I do look forward to the action of the upcoming episodes, I increasingly find myself almost more eager to see the costumes.  The wedding dress designed by Terry Dresbach for Claire was truly exquisite, but the groom, James Fraser, was–as Diana Gabaldon describes in her novel– positively “breath-taking.”

scottish-highlander- wedding

James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser–THE Scottish Highlander. Original image here.

Fair is fair–Claire was also stunningly attired in her intricate, beautiful wedding dress (not the same as the book wedding dress, though):


Dressed to thrill a Scottish Highlander. Original image here.

Behind the scenes of the Outlander wedding episode:


There are many talented costume designers for big shows such as Game of Thrones, Once Upon A Time and Downton Abbey, but I hope wise Emmy voters will give a nod next year to Outlander’s costume designer, Terry Dresbach (producer Ron Moore’s wife). Click HERE to read her blog about designing Scottish Highlander costumes for the characters of Outlander.  

Terry Dresbach’s authentic and skilled costume designs do honor not only to Outlander, the book and cable series, but more importantly,

they honor the history and breath-taking beauty of the Scottish Highlands.

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  1. Anne Silverstein

    Two thumbs up and 5stars to cast and crew of Outlander. Terry Dresbach is truly a Wizard in costume design for show! Breath taking and beautiful, her work is superb! A feat of magic! Thank you Terry!

  2. As I told you before it was deeflitiny hard for me to get into the first book. Once I did I felt strongly attached to Claire and Jamie and it’s difficult for me to give up on a book once I’ve become so invested in the characters. I’m on book three right now and it’s slow going. Obviously not the best series of books I’ve read, but I have enjoyed the historical facts and the enduring love story that come with reading this series. You’re right, the violence is ridiculous, and in my opinion completely unnecessary for the storyline in a lot of cases. Sorry it was a miss for you! xo Care

  3. I am beyond addicted to Jamie & Claire. Outlander is helping me to get through the grieving process of my beloved father