Half Real, Half Fiction, At Any Given Time

My Story

** Pye O’Malley **

Wild Eyed Southern Celt is the creation of a small town Georgia girl who grew up with red dirt on her hands and

Celtic dreams in her soul.

Even before I understood the idea of ancestry research, I felt that pull from across time and borders, echoes of forebearers from places I had yet to visit, who spoke in languages I didn’t yet understand.

Over the years, I took that curiosity and ran with it, reading, learning, and exploring what it means to be Celtic. As I explored my own Celtic heritage, I realized that there are many, many people on the same journey to find their Celtic past. So, being a Southerner, I decided to invite everyone over to my virtual front porch, where you can set a spell, and enjoy a little chit-chat about any and all things Celtic.

There’s plenty of room—y’all come on in!

Pye O'Malley

My Blog

** WESCelt **

After initially starting out on Facebook, things have grown rapidly, reaching over 45,000 followers in less than the first twelve months. The Wild Eyed Southern Celt site was finally published a year later, in 2013.  WESCelt now has over 60,000 fans and followers from more than 45 countries around the world.

I’m the self-appointed ruler of this little online Celtic kingdom and I cordially invite y’all  to comment anytime.  Discussing and debating are just a few of the many things at which we Celts excel!

My Store

** Celt Me **

Out of my love for all things Celtic (aided by the comments and suggestions of friends and fans) Wild Eyed Southern Celt started offering a variety of Celtic-themed merchandise including apparel,  home goods and more. We are also honoring our Southern roots and  are currently working on a WESCelt line of equestrian products which is set to launch Spring 2014.

Visit our online store.


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